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Changzhou Xinqu Sanhua Cable reel Co.,LTD
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Online reference service
Online reference service
Changzhou Xinqu Sanhua Cable reel Co.,LTD is located in the Yangtze river economic belt in the eastern city of changzhou in jiangsu province.
The company was founded in the 1990 s. Over the years, the company actively with colleges and universities to carry out the linkage between production and form a production alliance. Always concentrate on, focus on research and development of plastic cable tray. Development of a variety of specifications of plastic cable tray is widely used in fiber optic cable, data communication cable, coaxial cable and power cable. Products have formed the PN machine with a rotating disk, PL wire and cable packaging tray, PC wire with plate, PT enameled wire with plate, superfine line with five series over 50000 varieties such as 1 more than 200 specifications. Also can be customized according to customer's need...